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No memorial to Titanic victims: Eamonn McCann

Good article which indicates that the controversy continues even 100 years after its demise. The phenomenal hype surrounding the Titanic is not as a result of its engineering qualities, but the sinking as almost a metaphor for life's tragedy.

McCann refers to the passengers' segregation and how their treatment provided such an obvious reflection of society's class system - indicating how the "lower" classes were treated. But there were also the many individual stories of heroism as well as the cowardice.


"In all the Titanic hype where is the memorial to victims?"

It's all about the money honey.

TJ McClean

The Northern Ireland Audit Office has several doubts about the viability of this building in its report. A brief synopsis is that it has cost far too much and it won't get the 290,000 visitors it requires every year to break even. I have said all along that it will need bailed out in about three years. I would have built a non-sailing replica with labour from Northern Ireland and made it a showcase to the world on what we can do. People would have been able to stay overnight in the more than 1,000 cabins and dined in the restaurants. That would have created a lot of sustainable jobs and manufacturing jobs at least.

8 billion

Had the great and the good and the rich not been on the Titanic the disaster would never have been celebrated. A memorial for the loss of life would be more appropriate. What we have ended up with is beyond reason.


Great article, and at last an actual synopsis of the Titanic rather than a gushing 'lets all get behind the Titanic centre and buy Titanic ice cube trays'. I cannot see how it is a centre that will continue to bring people in. Will large amounts of schoolchildren keep the building afloat? Will the Executive change the curriculum and invent a GCSE in Titanic studies?

mihe 84p

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