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No mention of crimes Israel has committed

Adam Stevens (28/7) is totally correct. As a unionist, I do take sides and am proud to be on the side of justice, human rights, the rule of law and humanity. I'm opposed to illegal occupation, the killing of innocents, house demolitions and the carpet bombing of residential areas.

I'm not surprised Adam has a problem with Palestine colours. In 1967, Israel banned the use of the Palestinian flag and in 1980 any artwork involving its four colours. That ban lasted until the Oslo Accord in 1993. It is not the flag of Hamas, which has its own flag, but of Palestinians everywhere.

The Israeli PR men have been very busy asking other countries what they would do if hundreds of rockets were to fall on them. Hopefully they would not retaliate by wiping out entire families but Adam's analogy with Donegal is totally fatuous. Donegal is not under siege by its neighbour and enjoys full equality and civil rights denied to the people of Gaza.

Sadly Adam has nothing to say about the collective punishment meted out by Israel which is in breach of international law.

Ronnie Crawford

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