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No more patients should die on A&E trolleys

The situation in our A&Es has reached breaking point and cannot be allowed to deteriorate further. No more people must be allowed to die on trolleys in our hospitals before the health minister gets things right.

We often talk about the 'Golden Hour' having a massive effect on a patient's chance of survival. What effect can a 19-hour wait for treatment possibly have on mortality rates?

Edwin Poots does have to find savings to assuage his colleague, the finance minister, but he should be wary of targeting cuts at acute care.

If our A&E system is in crisis now, what will it be like with £80m less to spend? Such a cut would not just be foolhardy, it would also place lives at risk.

I have spoken to many staff at Antrim A&E, who say that, if the Causeway's acute service closes as planned, the system at Antrim will simply collapse. We can find the cash to give MLAs a pay-rise, or to employ countless highly-paid Spads.

Surely we can find a little extra for acute services?


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