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No more prevarication: We deserve answers on the RHI shambles and we demand them now

If anyone was ever in doubt about the inability of politicians to govern sensibly, the present debacle of the Renewable Heat Incentive project should dispel any doubt in their mind.

Politicians thrive on blame games, because their salaries carry on, irrespective of the extent of the financial shambles created.

As a tax-paying member of the public who does not like to see millions of pounds of hard-earned taxpayers' money going up in smoke, I would, therefore, like some answers to the following questions.

1. Who initially proposed this hair-brained idea?

2. Who approved it?

3. Were any special advisors involved? If so, who were they?

4. Just how much money has already been lost?

5. How long will this loss go on for?

6. Why, or how, does it take so long to close this farce of a scheme?

7. When can the taxpayer expect to see, published in the local press, the detail of where every penny of our money has gone?

If anything positive is to come out of this debacle, any further similar proposals should first be published in the local press for the public to scrutinise.

After all, it is our money the politicians are wasting and abusing, not theirs.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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