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No one blameless in tragic case of Diana


The usual insiders have condemned the sharing of Diana's videos with the common people, notwithstanding that she regarded herself as 'our' princess.

The programme revealed a clash of two paradigms for royal marriage: one of conventional Christian monogamy, the other in which it would be the norm for a prince to have a mistress. I don't share the view that there is a self-evidently correct answer to this.

I sympathise with the notion expressed by Prince Charles, apparently in jest, that he should have a wife and family in every country of the Commonwealth.

I won't join in the socialist thinking that, 'I can't afford this, so it must be wrong for anyone to have it'.

Given such an exceptionally tolerant stance, what can I make of Diana's claim to be a wronged woman?

While, for me, it would still be okay for royalty to separate the ceremonial and childbearing roles from the emotional ones, the critical question is one of informed consent. By Diana's account, this was lacking, which would make it an abuse and one in which many people were complicit.

The tragedy is that Diana might still have been tempted to accept the gig - and enjoyed it a lot more - had they been honest with her.


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