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No one exempt from the long arm of the law

So another political figure becomes an inmate at one of Her Majesty's establishments, where free board, entertainment and lodgings are provided at the taxpayers' expense. Not, may I add, a common five-eight politician, no, but one designated with the grandiose title of Lord.

At present, we have the Prime Minister 'cracking the whip' on the staff of the DHSS to not only expose those who are fraudulently abusing the system, but to issue court proceedings against such people, and quite rightly so.

Political figures, religious leaders and others who are at the forefront of setting social standards, for Messrs Joe Bloggs to adhere to are all tarred with the same brush. They carry honourable titles - The Right Honourable, His Lordship, His Eminence - in the hope these will impress Messrs Joe Bloggs to be a good boy/girl.

How do they expect Joe Public to be upright, honest and squeaky clean, when the very people carrying such titles, lead the way in stealing from the public purse - ie my pocket which I, and other honest taxpayers, can ill-afford.

Such people should be barred from any further involvement in public life. And, may I add, not with a six-figure payout complete with pension.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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