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No one free of guilt in Israeli attack, Lindy

In reference to Lindy McDowell's column about the Gaza convoy (Life, June 9), if the Israeli commanders assumed there would be no trouble, why did their men carry assault rifles when they stormed the ships?

Lindy can't confirm who shot the Israeli commando - if, indeed, one was shot at all.

If three Israeli soldiers were disarmed, why wasn't there a gun-battle onboard with the peace activists who had the guns?

After the incident, a spokesperson for the Israeli government said they would do whatever it takes to stop their enemies. Therefore, as Lindy said herself, there are two sides to this story.

What would she call the members of the Stern Gang when they were killing British soldiers in the 1940s - the same British soldiers who helped save Jewish people from the death camps ('six million extra reasons', as she puts it)?

In the Middle East, no one is free from guilt.




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