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No opposition here is essential

Ruairi O'Kane's obvious desire to see the SDLP in opposition at Stormont (Comment, November 10) is misguided.

While having a formal opposition may normalise the political model, it would also trivialise the politicians - as we know from Westminster and the Dail.

No, our politics have 'the ugly scaffolding' there for a reason. It has been like the stitches that dissolve inside the body, leaving a wound to heal.

It's more 'essential' than 'ugly', more 'foundation-stone' than 'scaffolding' and, as the stitches dissolve, we are beginning to see this edifice promote the healing in our society.

This healing causes annoyance to Sinn Fein and the DUP most of all, because it demonstrates that neither of them won, in spite of all their empty boasts and miscalculated predictions.

It should be a cause of celebration for the SDLP, because they created it. This means that they are in ongoing effective control of the direction of our politics.



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