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No proof Star of Bethlehem was a 'Great Comet'

Rev Nicholl still fails to make a case for the 'Star of Bethlehem' - whatever it was - being a 'Great Comet' (Write Back, December 28).

In reply to his points:

1. Yes, some comets from that period may well have been lost to history, but by definition we don't know that. In any case, as he argues that this was such a brilliant 'Great Comet', it seems unlikely that it would have not been recorded elsewhere.

2. There is not even a hint that Herod had seen the star/comet - nor even that he then saw it after the Magi reported it.

3. The Shepherds reported the 'Heavenly Host', so why not this purported brilliant, significant comet?

4) Not only do none of the other Gospels mention it, there is no record of even Joseph, or Mary, or John the Baptist, or any other person in the Bible, ever seeing it, or having heard of it. Jesus himself never referred to it, nor did St Paul in any of his letters, as one might have expected, to give further evidence of Christ's divinity.

5. It was not referred to by Pilate at Jesus' trial, as one might expect if it indicated his divinity.

6. There was a great comet in 44BC, which became hundreds of times brighter than any other comet ever seen: why was that one not seized on by Magi as a portent of a Messiah?

The case for a 'Great Comet' just does not hold water.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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