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No room for complacency in Scotland's vote

WHERE to start with Christopher Dawes's assertions in his letter, 'Nationalism of SNP reflects a worrying trend' (Write Back, February 4)?

Petty nationalism? Well, from the SNP being a minority government in 2007, to securing a majority government in 2011, in an electoral system specifically designed to prevent a majority, is something many political parties can only dream of. The fact that 45% of the electorate voted for the SNP makes them petty?

In his final paragraph he loses himself entirely. Narrow parameters of referendum? Yes and No sides have settled the question 'Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?'

Gerrymandering of the vote? In the event of a Yes vote, these 16-year-olds will be 18 at the time of a final settlement and so they should be included. To do otherwise and ignore them is the arrogance of the present political class.

Finally, turning to the penultimate paragraph, he desires a robust, argumentative and self-critical nation. The essence of the Yes campaign is these.

It is a vote for self-determination; about the historic, geographic, societal and cultural unit, Scotland, having as much control over all aspects of life as is practicable in a global economy.

That, to me, seems more the essence of a self-critical nation than the present offer from the complacent Westminster political class ignorant to the needs of the United Kingdom.


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