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No side-stepping Arlene Foster's role in RHI

Nelson McCausland's article, "Why Arlene is right to call for an independent inquiry into the RHI scheme to establish facts" (Comment, December 29), suggests that the First Minister alone is calling for an independent inquiry.

Unless I missed something, every other party in the Assembly is calling for an independent, judge-led inquiry into the RHI scandal, and Sinn Fein's motion in early January will test that assumption.

The issue Mr McCausland avoids is whether, as minister for DETI during the policy development and implementation of the RHI scheme, Mrs Foster should stand aside as First Minister during the course of such an inquiry to bolster public confidence and avoid any perception of partisan political interference. That issue will also be tested by Sinn Fein's motion.

How the DUP responds to this call could have a significant impact on the future of the Assembly. This is something Mrs Foster should ponder carefully in the coming days.


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