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‘No Stadium’ case flawed‘

No Stadium on Holywood Road' seems to be making it up as he/she goes along (Writeback, August 6).

Firstly, the writer says all letters from ‘pro-soccer’ people are irrelevant. How? It is the ‘pro-soccer' public that are most interested in the new stadium.

Why there are no letters from Rugby or GAA supporters I do not know, but obviously the GAA would not want to play at Blanchflower Park.

The writer also remarks that soccer in Northern Ireland is an amateur sport and rugby professional. The Northern Ireland soccer team are almost all full-time professionals, while the Irish League is semi-professional. Rugby Union's equivalent to the Irish League is the All-Ireland League, which I believe is part-time. Only Ulster Rugby competing in the Heineken Cup and Celtic League is full-time professional. As for the trouble at the Poland match, it is the only match I can recall where there has ever been trouble involving the national team.

Considering that there will probably only be nine or 10 matches played at the stadium per season, I don't think that he/she will have too much to be worried about!

Andrew McKeever


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