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No sympathy for RUC whingers

I HAVE noted with interest the moaning minnies who have failed to comply with a simple instruction to apply for the RUC Reserve gratuity by the closing date of February 2011. I have absolutely no sympathy for their case.

Anyone who was associated with the RUC Reserve should have been aware of this scheme. It has been widely discussed and advertised over past years.

Ross Hussey - who I believe deserves a medal for his hard work on this campaign - has regularly been quoted in newspapers. I have also heard him on the radio several times discussing this issue.

Ross Hussey is chair of the part-time officers' group and, again, just Google RUC Reserve and, if his name doesn't appear, your machine is broken.

More than 6,000 people applied and apparently 40-odd missed the date. Do the maths: the numbers who missed out must have been living on another planet. Also, if you have a genuine reason for missing the deadline, there is an appeals process.

There are always those who seem to be able to find fault with schemes such as this: if you lived in Northern Ireland and didn't hear of the scheme you must be a hermit living in a cave.

I know, by speaking to colleagues, that friends in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and America were able to apply, so I am afraid my sympathy for these whingers does not exist.


Omagh, Co Tyrone


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