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North Channel tunnel could unite politicians

John Barstow (Write Back, April 18) is clearly a keen supporter of a rail tunnel under the North Channel. Sadly, the time for such a huge project is not yet right, but the benefits are exactly as he states.

A wide and slowly growing debate about the benefits of a fixed link should be encouraged. But there are other more immediate issues: getting a Stormont administration in place, rebuilding unionism (the general election should help with this), securing a soft Brexit and avoiding the separation of Scotland from the rest of us.

If we can come through all that while maintaining economic growth and capturing the imagination of Westminster, this wonderful project might have its day, just as the Channel Tunnel did.

It could unite all political parties, but perhaps the unionist parties could lift up their eyes and act as early champions, undertaking some inexpensive and low-key studies now. It could offer them a much-needed opportunity to show some strategic and long-term vision.

John gemmell


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