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Northern Ireland can attest to the toll religious extremism takes

The words 'indescribable horror' came to my mind when I saw on television the inhumane savagery that was inflicted upon innocent people, enjoying life on a night out in Paris.

Political opinion is abundant, along with that of the law abiding citizen, in searching for a reason as to why such horror occurred.

Sadly, it is fair to say that religion lies at the core of the majority of conflicts on the planet, yet most religious ideologies profess to have a peaceful, non-violent approach to humanity.

Unfortunately, when any religious sect feels aggrieved by the political or social actions of others that they disapprove of, their religious psychopaths move in, and brutal savagery is released upon men, women and children, taking precedence over any attempt to have a peaceful solution to their problem.

Here, in my country of Northern Ireland, we have experienced such a prime example of this happening with, as yet, no prospect of our problem being solved.

Harry Stephenson

Co Down

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