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Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster thinks she’s untouchable

On a day when the Stormont Assembly succeeded in assigning itself to the realms of absurdity, it is difficult not to attribute the emperor’s new clothes to the DUP and Sinn Fein.

These two insular parties, masquerading as sincere and earnest government participants, have morphed into something that is reminiscent of a late-1950s unionist-controlled county council.

One can only stand and wonder when First Minister Arlene Foster gets up and berates the media for presenting to the public an excellent piece of investigative journalism — arguably uncovering the greatest scandal in the history of Stormont.

This is the same media which gives a platform to members of her party, such as Simon Hamilton and Gregory Campbell, to spout their contradictory claptrap on her behalf.

Mrs Foster would appear to assume that, eight months ago, she was given a mandate that would excuse her monumental error.

We are now left with a corporate government and an untouchable First Minister — whatever the circumstances.

As for her deferential bedfellows, Sinn Fein, their day has come. And gone.


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