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Northern Ireland has waited far too long for a local Labour alternative to narrow sectarianism


In the run-up to the Labour Party's annual conference, Boyd Black (Write Back Sept 8) makes an extremely pertinent point about the substantial amount of funding that local members and affiliated trade unionists contribute per annum in the context of the party's continuing denial of the right to stand Labour candidates here.

This year's Labour conference is particularly important given the excellent performance of the party in June's General Election.

The DUP boasts of the benefits that its alliance with the Tories brings, but any such benefits pale into insignificance in comparison to the advantages a Labour government would bring.

LPNI delegates will be going to Brighton conference with the continuing demand that the local party be permitted to play a full part in providing proper opposition to the Tories and parties of communal sectarian interest.

A review of Labour's electoral ban is to take place in the near future, but in the meantime it is the task of the party here to build an effective grassroots movement in collaboration with trade union and community activists.

Large numbers of voters swung to Labour in June despite the negative depiction of the leadership in much of the mainstream media.

Northern Ireland has waited far too long for a proper Labour presence, uniting people and offering a progressive alternative to the stagnant and polarising politics of communal division.

Andrew ward


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