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Northern Ireland legal system is simply farcical


Your headline on the story covering the racist attack on a Ballymena takeaway owner (April 14) states that the attacker, Kurt Graham, was "jailed" for his actions. Graham was not jailed. Graham was released, albeit on bail, but released nevertheless. Graham will not be jailed unless he loses his appeal. By no stretch of the imagination can someone who is free and walking the streets be considered "jailed".

Too often we see headlines claiming that some criminal or other has been "jailed" only to discover half through the story (or in the above case, in the very last sentence) that the criminal was not jailed, but released.

If your headline had been more accurate and had stated in bold print that Graham (who has a criminal record and broke his victim's nose in the attack) had been released rather than jailed for his crime, this may have gone some way towards exposing the farcical nature of our legal system.

S McKinney


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