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Northern Ireland MPs can help secure tunnel to connect UK



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

The influence of Northern Ireland MPs is to be welcomed. Many of us the UK over hope it will be a catalyst for interconnecting UK infrastructure - good for raising the UK's game in economic potency post-Brexit.

For example, Heathrow's expansion needs to be accelerated as it is an important portal for UK exports, including from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In my area of West Sussex, expansion of Gatwick would also be well-received, which includes services to Belfast. And Belfast airports should also be expanded. John Major's Government built the oil pipeline to NI. Now is the ideal opportunity for the May Government to build on these fixed links.

A rail tunnel interconnecting our UK is a very credible proposition. Victorian engineers and politicians gave the proposition very serious thought.

And advances in tunnelling technology have radically reduced costs and complications.

Hence, excuses for doing nothing are fast disappearing. And now is the ideal opportunity to progress.

John Barstow

Pulborough, West Sussex

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