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Northern Ireland's decaying flags are an appalling vista for visitors

I RECENTLY visited Northern Ireland for the first time on an angling trip. It was quite productive and enjoyable.

However, I have made some observations on certain places I visited – for example Lisburn.

My impression of the place was it rather resembled an obstacle course.

It struck me as rather run down. There appears to be much construction going on and digging up, making walking round it rather difficult, especially for the elderly.

I asked some local residents what was happening, and they informed me it was a public realm project, funded with £6m from EU, to install much-needed water features.

I also observed in Market Square many empty shops and business units and several charity shops dotted about the city.

Also I noticed many flags in various states of decay flying from the lampposts – this gave a poor impression indeed, to see one's flag soiled and misused in this way. In England I have never seen such an appalling vista.

Surely the city council could address this matter. It really does make a bad impression to visitors.


Paul Odette


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