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Northern Ireland's Euro dream turns to nightmare

What can you say? When the pool of talent gets torn to shreds by defections, withdrawals, suspensions and injuries, why should they try? It's like banging your head against a wall of sharp nails.


I feel for the Northern Ireland supporters who were at the match. I also feel for the players and the manager. Northern Ireland is a small country, with a small pool of players; the chances of making it to a major final are slim to none. It is 25 years since this last happened. We need to consider linking up with our brothers down south to create a team for all.

Just Plain Mad

Just Plain Mad: let's not regurgitate the same arguments again. No point, either, in looking at 1986. That's 25 years ago.


Just Plain Mad: if there was an all-Ireland team tomorrow, how many players from Northern Ireland would make the squad?


This could not happen. We are two different countries. It would always just come across as an Irish team. Where would our Britishness come into it?


Does Andrew Trimble lose his Britishness by putting on an Ireland rugby jersey? Rory Best? Stephen Ferris? Jack Kyle? These players play on the rugby stage without problems. Do Ulster rugby fans think differently of them?


It's a different class that plays rugby and cricket - that's just the way it is. There always will be an element of ignorant and uneducated people watching and supporting football.

JJ Ocean

Northern Ireland football lives in a little bubble of total unreality. There is neither the population nor the talent to draw on to make a meaningful League Three team never mind an international team. Anyone who thinks differently is living in a dreamworld. They are passionate, supportive, loyal, but in reality they are going nowhere.

Bongo Bill


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