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Northern Ireland's vice trade shame

The gangmasters need to be given life sentences. Scum is too good a word for them. Men who use prostitutes should be ashamed of their actions. This is slavery pure and simple.


Something isn't coming together well in this report. It states that 'between 80 and 100 prostitutes operate ... on a daily basis' and that 'organised gangs are moving away from firearms, drugs, etc' and 'towards human trafficking'. This must either be a very thinly-populated province, or the organised gangs are very few in number and members, if one is to believe that drug selling is less profitable than prostitution. The alternative is of course, that it is a highly-populated area with a significant portion of males who have to make their sexual encounters a business decision. But, even then, less profitable than drugs? Amazing.


Ktjo211: that is a very fair comment. It also states, 'They believe, however, that it could be around 10%' that have been trafficked from foreign countries. So between eight and 10 Northern Ireland prostitutes have been trafficked? I think the truth is that there are many, many more than 100 prostitutes working here.

Baron Heinrich

Ktjo211: maybe. Could also be that pimping is less of a risk than dealing.


Well, we have to expect a deterioration in society as we have a government that really couldn't care less. The people at fault? Well, it's got to be the voters who put our politicians in power. A society that cared about the country we live in wouldn't have voted the way they do.


Some people have no respect for others and treat them as sex-objects. When will the condemnation of those sickos who are providing the 'demand' start?


I completely agree. I mean, look what happened to Ulster when we let too many Scottish into the place?

Irish Prod


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