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Not convinced by McCreary's explanation

In an attempt to explain away the lack of independent historical evidence for Jesus' crucifixion, Alf McCreary (Religion, April 7) claims that, since this form of punishment was commonplace in Roman-occupied Jerusalem, any single instance would have been unremarkable.

While this may have been the case, the Bible also describes several astonishing happenings associated with the crucifixion.

These include earthquakes, the darkening of the sun and also the raising from their graves of numerous saints.

Given the extraordinary nature of these alleged events it is difficult to believe that they could have gone unnoticed by the many historians of the time.

One such figure was the eminent historian and philosopher Philo (Judaeus) of Alexandria, who, despite having lived and worked throughout Jesus' purported lifetime, recorded nothing whatsoever of his miraculous birth, ministry or crucifixion.



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