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Not everyone will shed tears for Ian Paisley

This time (Write Back, September 9) it is Ian Paisley, for all of his legendary status, did nothing for me, nor for people like me who do not happen to be heterosexual.

He was carrying out his 'Save Ulster from Sodomy' campaign in the 1970s when I was an impressionable teenager, aware that my sexuality was not quite the same as so many people around me.

That was a time when I needed understanding and support, but I never had it. Many young people today are still in the same boat.

The world is full of diversity – from race to religion – and sexuality is an innate and fundamental part of each and every one of us.

Yet some people seem to actually believe that theirs is the only path to follow in life.

Having moved to England to feel free in mind and lead a "normal" life, I, for one, do not shed a tear at the passing of Mr Paisley.



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