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Nothing in the Stormont House deal for unionists

Yet again unionism, under the DUP, entered negotiations without any real aim and came out with nothing of value. And the DUP leadership are pretending they have negotiated a great deal, when it is patently obvious they have gained nothing.

The Stormont House Agreement allegedly resolved three key areas, but did nothing of the sort.

On welfare reform and the economy, clearly the solution worked out is basically the mortgaging of Northern Ireland's future to save Sinn Fein's blushes. The DUP has accepted the Sinn Fein principle, that the only welfare reform acceptable is one that maintains the current obscene system. So as the rest of the UK tackles the culture of welfare reliance, we will maintain it.

In relation to the past, the DUP has accepted a one-sided truth commission. This will offer amnesties for terrorists, while subjecting the real victims to a reinvented version of history.

On flags and emblems, the DUP has agreed to a 'commission', made up of a minority of politicians bolstered by the good and the great. To what end? Since Sinn Fein's objective is to create a constitutionally neutral Northern Ireland, technically part of the UK but in all respects without allegiance or identity, the commission will work to create a 'neutral Northern Ireland'. Once this commission produces its majority report, with the three unionist members dissenting, the neutralisation of Northern Ireland will be enforced because the Stormont House Agreement was accepted by the DUP.

Finally, I don't actually need to say anything about parading. The DUP have been shafted.

There is nothing in this deal for unionism. Surprisingly the UUP has had the wit not to endorse it, and if there are any unionist credentials left in the DUP, it will do likewise.


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