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Nothing wrong with promoting Orange events

SAMMY McNally (News, August 5) complains that easyJet should not promote the main cultural event in the north of the island and then irrelevantly chucks Serbia into the pot to add to the brew.

The green mist certainly appears to have descended upon both him and easyJet - given the latter's daft apology for only doing the right and sensible thing in promoting relevant tourist attractions to its customers.

Firstly, the only festivals being promoted in Serbia when I was last there (less than two months ago) were concerts by third-rate, trashy Western pop artists.

Secondly, why on Earth should easyJet (or any other business) not promote the main cultural events in Ulster that attract 750,000 participants a year?

Instead of protesting about how "hurtful" innocent community-building cultural events are, why doesn't Sammy just join in with the celebrations so that all can be one in a spirit of reconciliation, shared history and identity?


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