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Now we must deliver on marriage equality

The recent vote at Westminster which approved the equal marriage bill was a historic day in the campaign for equality.

Northern Ireland's politicians must now bring forward legislation in the Assembly to deliver equal marriage here.

If this doesn't happen, Northern Ireland could be left behind as it appears that all other regions of the UK are going to deliver this positive change.

Equality is a right and anyone who denies the opportunity for equal marriage needs to have a long look at themselves and the effect that their opposition to equal marriage has on people.

Without equal marriage here, a large section of our society feels like second-class citizens and it's essential that politicians act to ensure fairness and equality for all.

Inequality is totally wrong and failure to deliver equal marriage institutionalises inequality.

Politicians here must act on this issue.

They must show that Northern Ireland is a place that is open, welcoming and is moving forward to a shared future for all. Northern Ireland must send out a positive message of fairness and respect globally.

To potentially soon be the only region of the UK that won't have equal marriage does the exact opposite.

Adrianne Peltz

President of NUS-USI

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