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Nuclear weapons put whole world in danger

If you think you're safe in a world where up to 14 countries possess nuclear weapons, try researching military nuclear accidents and you'll see that on numerous occasions the world has come close to annihilation.

We can presume that the people in charge know what they are doing and would act responsibly at all times concerning military hardware, but the recent case of the Taiwanese naval officer who accidentally fired a supersonic missile towards China attests to the inaccuracy of this assumption.

People may not know, but as well as losing up to eight nuclear weapons in various incidents since 1950, the United States Air Force mistakenly loaded six cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads onto a B-52 in 2007 and flew them from North Dakota to Louisiana.

You might think it unlikely the plane would have crashed, but such an incident happened in 1961 and has come to be known as the Goldsboro B-52 crash.

Possessing nuclear weapons doesn't make the world safer, as we're told it does.

They make nuclear annihilation inevitable.

Rocky Balboa

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