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Nursing needs to get back to its true values

The flow, direction and volume of complaints against nurses and carers has reached a crescendo.

In one generation, the perception of nurses as 'angels' has been replaced by one of 'demons' who are cold, remote, disinterested, arrogant and aggressive (words all borrowed from written reports).

The Government's response is to send in hundreds of matrons - an action doomed to failure.

The authorities must recognise that the academicism of nursing has not led to increased professionalism.

The system requires a complete overhaul, with a return to apprentice-style training, where the students spend the majority of their time working and learning in the clinical area.

A return to the old values of care, provision of good, basic nursing, promotion of hygiene, nutrition, good communications and dignity must be reimposed if patients/clients are to get the respect they deserve.


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