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NW200 is simply too dangerous

Yet again the North West 200 has delivered tragedy and heartbreak. I have said for many years that this stretch of road between York Corner and the Mill Road roundabout was a spectator accident-spot just waiting to happen.

How can it be possible to allow these powerful machines to accelerate up this road with spectators watching from their front gardens?

As we saw, when out-of-control they become missiles wreaking havoc and destruction.

The organisers are always claiming they do everything to minimise the danger, but clearly have failed to address the problems in this area of the circuit.

I love motorsport and am no killjoy, but I think the time has come to bring this race to an end. The ever-increasing power of the machinery racing in the NW200 is clearly unsuited to our local roads and much better suited to purpose-built circuits.

Since this terrible accident I have been left with feelings of sadness, anger and, above all, frustration as I - like many others - seem to have no collective voice in opposing this event.


Portstewart, Co Londonderry

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