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O Muilleoir the man to paint over rising mural


I was listening to Mairtin O Muilleoir talking on Talkback about flags going up coming up to the Twelfth.

He emphasised the need for respect and shared space and how it was those who wanted to go back to the past who were putting the flags up,

Mr O Muilleoir also commended the bravery of those who would raise an objection in the face of possible repercussions.

I would suggest that we should be pro-active in our efforts to remove such divisive symbols from our communities.

What we need is someone with integrity, vision and courage to lead the way. But where can we get such a brave, heroic figure to front the campaign?

Well, I suggest none other than Mairtin himself should begin the process and start by painting over the Easter Rising mural which adorns the gable at the end of Essex Street on the Ormeau Road.

After all, it is only a couple of hundred yards along the road from the Sinn Fein office, which has Mairtin's image on the window.

It must be a great annoyance for him to have to look at such a blatantly divisive mural when he is off to the office. To demonstrate the cross-community nature of the exercise, I am prepared to have a collection to raise the money to purchase the paint.

Eternal optimist


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