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Obama too hasty over Iranian deal

When President Obama addressed the media immediately after negotiating a nuclear treaty with Iran, he assured the world that it was "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" (News, April 6). He also attempted to reassure sceptics - most notably Israel's prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu - "that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon on my watch".

However, in spite of this assurance, it is clear Netanyahu has no faith in the guarantee.

Perhaps in his determination to secure a nuclear treaty, Obama has accepted that Iran is genuinely open to dialogue with the West, but it's fundamental ambition to become the region's dominant power is still a core tenet of the ayatollahs. This is especially true when, as recently as last week, Israel's very existence was questioned by Reza Naghdi, the head of the Basij paramilitary force, who declared that "Israel's destruction is non-negotiable".

Is it any wonder that Netanyahu continues to articulate Israel's resistance to a nuclear Iran?


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