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Obama's drone campaign also an act of terror

Any government serious about preventing global terrorism would abhor Obama's drone campaign as much as it abhors the recent beach atrocity in Tunisia.

However, what we see is Western governments supporting Obama's drone campaign that, to date, has killed hundreds of innocent people - both those targeted and those equally unfortunate bystanders who were within the strike zone.

As Noam Chomsky said recently: "If al-Qaida, or anyone, came out with a campaign like that, we would be beyond scandalised."

Surely, we can at least look at past US terrorist atrocities like the devastation inflicted upon Indochina (1955-1975), for what it was - mass murder - and not the "noble cause" (attributed to Ronald Reagan) we were told it was.

Is it only in retrospect that we see things for what they were?

Maybe if we put more emphasis onto what governments are saying internally, rather than what is claimed in public pronouncements, we might gain a better understanding of the world and the real perpetrators of terror.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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