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Obama's win is a defeat for democracy

Last Wednesday morning, I was glad to wake up to another four years of a US President who at least pays recognition to social justice and to sustainability.

At least 47million people will be guaranteed their human right to healthcare.

And at least the world doesn't have another warmonger, who prefers to govern with his gut, rather than with his brain.

But I don't have any confidence that much will really change in America. The choice was between two conservatives, both backed by billions of dollars of corporate money. The system is so blatantly rotten to the core and so artificial that people might as well be living in Orwell's 1984.

Under Obama, inequality has widened, illegal unmanned drone strikes have been sanctioned and fracking has been allowed to continue unabated.

Guantanamo Bay has remained open, the issues of global warming, or resource over-exploitation, have been ignored and nothing has changed in terms of regulating the financial system, with the same people who were responsible for the financial crisis under Bush continuing to act as Obama's top economic advisers.

It is a perversion of democracy when the amount of money raised by a candidate determines the recognition they receive in the media. The consequence of this form of democracy is that other capable candidates, such as the US Green Party's Dr Jill Stein, were largely sidelined and ignored.


Green Party in NI

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