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O'Donnghaile was right to honour 1916

I AM writing to express great joy that our mayor in Belfast, Niall O'Donnghaile, has decided to honour our dead citizens in this part of our island by displaying the 1916 proclamation.

This document was for a free Ireland, which means government by its people and not for a divided island.

The Queen of England has no place on Irish soil and the flag that she calls the Union flag is England's flag and not ours.

Our flag for our people is green, white and orange and it is for all of our people. The flying of the English flag over Irish soil is deeply offensive and causes deep hurt to decent people living in this land.

I voted for the Good Friday Agreement and for peace on this island. I did not vote for an occupied six counties.

Some of our greatest leaders came from the city of Belfast and the Irish proclamation was not for an Irish free state, but for everyone here.




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