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O'Dowd shows guts in plan for schools reform

At last, the entrepreneurial juices, or so we are told, are about to flow through the school system in order to flush out inept managers, governors and teachers (News, September 27).

Those people who think that the proposed action is only about money are deluding themselves.

The urgent need for creative rationalisation is the direct result of the incompetence and inertia of the civil servants and decision-makers who previously failed our community and our pupils.

The reactions of the SDLP and the UUP to Education Minister John O'Dowd's statement expose, yet again, their political cowardice and immaturity.

Even though I am not a natural Sinn Fein voter, I applaud Mr O'Dowd's pragmatism and guts in challenging the status quo.

Let's see early results for the good of our young people.




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