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O'Dowd spends more on Irish than literacy and numeracy

Wow. Politicians using positions of authority to benefit their own parties. Who would have believed it?


Minister spends money on a sector within his own ministerial brief. John O'Dowd is the Education Minister and we have an Irish-medium education sector here. Gaelic is a native language. It's not a foreign language. It's not a new immigrant language.


I am still at a loss to understand how, if this vast amount of money is being spent on the Early Years strategy, we still have so many children moving on to secondary-level education unable to read and write properly. Ask any Year 8 teacher and they will tell you of pupils unable to spell their own addresses correctly, or do basic maths. Where is the money going?


PMH: Because it will take about eight, or nine, years of investing in the Early Years strategy for improvements to show in the secondary level.

A similar scheme south of the border has been a great success.

Ten Major

It was always pretty obvious something like this would happen with him in charge. Spend money on improving numeracy and literacy – not teaching dead languages.


BT8: I am a Protestant who comes from a unionist background (although I am not a unionist myself) and I don't think that you are being fair on the Irish language. It is important for people to have at least a basic knowledge of their own native language.


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