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Officers who helped drunk woman were brave

I WAS really amazed that the two police constables in Londonderry should be condemned by so many people.

The two constables in question were dealing with a very ugly situation.

They had a prisoner in their police car whom they had arrested; then they had to deal with a drunken woman, who tried her best to either get into the car, or get the arrested prisoner out of the car.

The drunken female saw that she was not in a position to do anything, so she lay down in the middle of the road, endangering herself and other road users.

She was the author of her own initial danger and was not in the least concerned about her safety.

However, when the two constables removed her from the middle of the road and so out of immediate danger, she made no effort to get up, or get onto the footpath, but later complained about where the police had left her.

She was not in the least concerned about her safety when she lay down in the middle of the road.

The two police officers should be commended for their efforts under very dangerous and difficult circumstances.

They had to deal with the hazard of traffic and had to take into consideration the ongoing terrorist threat to their lives.

The public should support these brave and courageous officers in what they do.


Ballynahinch, Co Down

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