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Omagh families in need of closure

While the hearts of many of us throughout Ulster will for ever remain with the Omagh victims and indeed with all victims, it is sobering to acknowledge that the great public awareness of the massacre will largely subside in a day or two.

Senior police officers have again told us all that the likelihood of anyone ever being convicted of the mass murders is bleak, while the great and the good are urging the victims to move on!

Such utterances are cavalier and hurtful, especially when the only movement is that of the vile murderers who right from the day of the slaughter have moved further and further away from the prospect of arrest. Indeed if one was to read the Omagh story in a novel, he/she would suspect that someone was shielding them from such arrest.

While nothing will restore those who were murdered 10 years ago to their loved ones, it may bring a modicum of solace to the victims if a non-whitewash public inquiry was initiated into the various intrigues and subterfuge concerning the outrage from prior to August 15, 1998, until sometime afterwards.

Jim Murdock


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