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Omdudsman's zeal didn't apply to my complaint

The Police Ombudsman's zeal in pursuing an officer who said a rude word that came to light by accident as a result of a recording obtained while conducting a totally unrelated investigation is in marked contrast to my experience of that office (News, September 2).

Some time ago, I was stopped by the PSNI at the Ulster University campus on the Shore Road in Jordanstown.

There I was prevented from driving just a few hundred yards further down to my then place of work at Belfast High School because the Shore Road was blocked - not there, but at Station Road, a mile further on, by a fallen tree.

So far as I could establish, I was the only member of staff travelling from the Belfast side who was prevented from getting to my workplace as normal on that day.

However, the Police Ombudsman's Office decided that this incident, which I regarded as discrimination, was a police operational matter and declined to investigate.

Needless to say, without their input, my own efforts to obtain a meaningful explanation from the PSNI as to why I was stopped, but others were not, was unsuccessful.


Comber, Co Down

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