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On the road to nowhere with street plans

The latest plans for York Street in Belfast are just more evidence of our Government's approach to balancing our budget.

On the one hand, we're told that Government has to make cutbacks in health, education and policing in order to pay off our debts; on the other, the Government says it needs to spend £100m on road-improvements to 'stimulate' our economy.

Personally, I've been stuck in traffic at York Street many times. However, I fail to see how people getting to their destination 10 minutes faster will help our economy.

This £100m comes at a sacrifice and could be better spent elsewhere, particularly in tackling the lengthy waiting lists in our hospitals, or in policing and education.

The only 'stimulus' I see here is short-term in creating temporary employment. We've lost enough businesses and jobs since this recession hit. Maybe, instead of borrowing more and spending more on roads and other wasteful ventures, we should be concentrating our efforts on providing meaningful support to our businesses and encouraging production.

At a staggering £10m for every minute saved in journey-time through York Street traffic, that well-known phrase 'time is money' is taken to ridiculous new extremes.


UK Independence Party