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Once again politicians let the people down

How sadly predictable is the rush by leading political figures to try to take control of the new Marie Stopes clinic and its operations.

They claim to represent public opinion and to be upholding the rule of law but in reality they cannot bear anything that they do not feel in control of. When this happens what do they do? Even absurdly they call in the police.

It would appear that no crime has been committed but the clinic is going to face the full force of the law just in case. Yet the same politicians who are demanding instant clarity have failed for years to provide guidance on terminations.

Their behaviour is simply the posturing of the perennial forces of conservatism that characterise Northern Ireland society as a narrow minded little province.

I am not a supporter of abortion. I just find the responses of our political authorities to this situation utterly and profoundly depressing.


Co Londonderry

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