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One codified constitution is the answer

Richard Wilford's article (DebateNI, September 12) illustrates the impossible complexity of a British constitution in Northern Ireland.

It is believed that this complexity is due to the constitution being unwritten, but in fact it is written in Acts of Parliament and statutes dating to the Magna Carta. What is true is that British constitution isn't codified – ie, written in book form. The American constitution is codified and can be read and understood by the ordinary citizen. The British constitution can only be understood by professors of politics such as Professor Wilford or constitutional lawyers.

Some time ago I wrote the National Government of Ireland Act as a codified constitution for the Federal Kingdom of All Ireland for the book, The Theoretical Solution to the British/Irish Problem, available at Amazon.

The suggested Act, in plain Queen's English, sets out how the Federal Kingdom of All Ireland ought to be governed. Union Jack unionism has defiled the Kingdom in riots over flags and Orange parades. Republicans are morally bankrupt due to their campaign of murder and mayhem.

A Federal Kingdom of all Ireland with a codified constitution will make the Kingdom happier and acceptable to all.


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