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One critique 'shows lack of understanding'

Janet Street-Porter criticised One, the anti-poverty campaign group co-founded by Bono, for only spending a small proportion of its income on 'worthy causes' (Comment, May 31). This critique shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the organisation.

One is not a grant-making organisation. One fights poverty by raising awareness and pressuring political leaders in the UK, US and elsewhere to fund smart and effective policies and programmes that are saving lives in poor countries.

As a result of these programmes, 46.5 million more children have been given the chance to go to school for the first time, four million people in Africa are now on life-saving Aids medicine and in the past 10 years 5.4 million deaths have been prevented through routine vaccinations.

One does not fund-raise from the general public and we do not receive any money from government. Our running costs are provided almost entirely by a handful of philanthropists and foundations on our board.

One has been a relentless advocate in the fight against poverty and we are proud of the role we and our members have played in successfully arguing for smart, effective programmes and policies that have saved lives and improved futures in poor countries.


Executive Director, One