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One-sided criticism of Dundrum flag-flying

Firstly, I'm not a fan of my country's flag being flown from lampposts until it is a tattered rag, and I think that those disrespecting it will eventually defeat themselves by forcing legislation about its display.

But I'm surprised that the Americans referred to by Patrick Clarke (Write Back, July 26) were terrified by the flags flying in Dundrum, as coming from Belfast they must have already experienced earlier flag trauma.

I'm sure they must not have been among the droves of American and European tourists that were being guided around the bonfire site and murals in the Shankill estate.

That said, I hope councillor Clarke is as critical of the Irish tricolours which are festooned in areas of the country.

Or is he another anti-unionist fuelling the situation with one-sided criticism?


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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