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Only a fool would ignore influence of Jesus Christ

I read with interest Robert McNeil's recent comment in your paper stating that, "Today religion remains a popular historical hobby but not, thankfully, something we take seriously any more" (Rab's Week, Nov 13). But while the narrow circle of enlightened folk Mr McNeil was referring to might not take religion seriously, there is one person they cannot afford not to take seriously.

He lived millennia ago, travelling by foot, never leaving a rural area only slightly larger than Northern Ireland. He was a tradesman most of his life, and taught for only three years, spending most of his time with small crowds, and dying in his early 30s. He left behind no children, no followers and no army, political lobby group, or social media to trumpet his cause.

Yet today He is the central figure of the world's best-selling book, and the subject of millions more. His name is known all over the globe, and spoken in hundreds of different languages. His followers are the most persecuted people on Earth, yet increase by 25 million every year, and his message has outlasted kingdoms, empires, dictators, revolutions, ideologies and religions.

He is arguably the most influential, lauded, loathed, misunderstood, controversial and quoted man to ever walk the Earth.

You can write him off as a liar, cast him aside as a lunatic, or look on Him as Lord, but one thing you cannot do is refuse to take Him seriously.


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