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Only a small minority back the abortion ban

Within the abortion debate, I do not see much discussion about beliefs and how they shape someone's opinion.

In modern Ireland, we no longer expect that everyone's moral code is exactly the same as our own, just reasonably aligned.

As part of my belief system, I do not believe that 'life' begins at conception.

I also find it bizarre that a fully sentient, capable and complex woman is given the same value as a cluster of cells.

As the journalist Philip Nolan noted this week, the distinction between a living person and a potential life is already recognised in Ireland, where the State doesn't register a stillbirth and the Catholic Church doesn't provide baptism for stillborns under 24 weeks.

I do, however, believe that women's lives and their wellbeing are of high importance to society and they should be enabled to participate as productive, healthy and respected beings.

I believe it is morally wrong to force someone to have an abortion and to force someone to stay pregnant against their will.

The Eighth Amendment forces women to remain pregnant - they must have their body used for the physical and emotional task of growing a baby to appease the morals of a small minority of modern Ireland.

Old Ireland was one of brutal, uncompassionate and zealously enforced morals.

These are not my morals, nor those of the majority repeatedly surveyed. Repeal the Eighth Amendment.



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