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Only a U-turn on flags can reverse damage


I write because of my concerns at what is happening in Belfast and Northern Ireland at this time due to the flag dispute.

I have been a visitor to southern Ireland over many years and enjoyed the atmosphere and hospitality, but did not venture into Northern Ireland until 2006 because of the Troubles.

Following a visit to Lisburn and Belfast, I have returned three more times - the most recent in mid-December, staying in the old gasworks area. I have nothing but envy and high regard for the good work that has been done and I have found very friendly people, great improvements in the city and its infrastructure and a clean environment.

The cafe/restaurant availability is good and visitor areas like the Titanic exhibition and the Odyssey are second-to-none. That is why I'm so disappointed at the dispute, which is giving bad publicity to the area and seems like a problem created by politicians which could be corrected by politicians.

In fact, the more I think of the damage it is having on Northern Ireland and Belfast, the more convinced I am that it comes down to the three Ps - politicians, principles and peace.

I would implore the politicians to put aside their principles and instead go for peace by reversing the offending decision.


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