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Only Alliance truly working for everyone

First Minister Peter Robinson, looking for more EU funding for Peace and Reconciliation, has remarked in Brussels that recent events have shown that peace and reconciliation are very much still in progress.

He did not mention the part played by the notorious 40,000 anti-Alliance leaflets produced by his party and other unionists in stirring up the protests and rioting that has cost us millions of pounds in damage to our economy and reputation.

He did not mention that almost 15 years after the Good Friday Agreement Stormont has still not produced a proper strategy or legislation for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration.

This should surely have been the priority for those who professed to want peace and reconciliation. Only Alliance is working to promote a community for everyone. A real shared future will not mean one side "losing" and the other side "gaining".

Our school, our workplaces, public buildings and the places where we live should be for all the community, not divided up between one side or the other.



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