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Only NI Conservatives can save the Union

It has become obvious to any observer that the DUP and UUP have failed to get the unionist message across either at Westminster or at Stormont. The DUP - if anything - have become the 'lackeys' of Sinn Fein.

Now is the time for the pro-Union population - Protestant or Catholic - to consider voting for the NI Conservatives, who, as I see it, are Northern Ireland's only hope if we want to see Northern Ireland remain a part of the United Kingdom.

It is obvious that Sinn Fein and the Irish Goverment are trying their best to secure a united Ireland, if and when the UK leaves the EU, or at least where there is some kind of joint authority, by making the island of Ireland a single economic entity; a united Ireland by default. Which is why it is important for unionists to support a customs border between Northern Ireland and the Republic when the UK leaves Europe.


The Ulster Gillespie Society

SF has no 'rights' for those who disagree

THERE is no doubt about it - the Sinn Fein leader's sensitivities are apparently offended by an intended compliment about her appearance and off she goes, ranting and raging. My advice to her: get a life.

As for her manifesto, her party is apparently standing up "for your rights". Not the rights of the intended victims of the Loughgall incident; not the rights of pro-lifers; not the rights of those with a view that marriage is between a man and a woman. Her party is only interested in the "rights" of those who agree with them.

I'm totally disgusted.


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